December – Slow Down to Speed Up

This time of year is synonymous with celebration – the craziness of 2011 is all but behind us and it’s time to kick off our work shoes while slipping into vacation mode. Easier said than done! This month we bring closure to 2011 while toasting the year that lies ahead. While we’ve dedicated the month to slowing down & family organisation (read our blogs, follow us on FB or Twitter & watch out monthly video tip) we’re excited to launch our new talk “Stuck in the Mud – solutions to move forward in business & in life” and dedicated to ending our year off with a bang. 2012 Sees us celebrating our 10th birthday which brings us to saying a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your continued support. From Tracey & the Team, rest well, travel safe & be blessed in the year ahead.

Stuck in the MUD (part one)

Get Organised’s new productivity talk to help you move forward in business and in life (a short synopsis – part one).

What makes someone more successful than the other? Many things really, but without self-discipline none of the others will work. Stuck in the Mud is for anyone that wants to be, do or have more than they have already.

While there are over 150 000 species of mosquitos, midges, gnats and flies, there are only 2 types of people. The victim & the leader.

While the victim sees their cup as half empty, blaming the worldwide recession for their  dwindling sales figures, the alarm clock the traffic, boss and a myriad of other tired excuses for their lack of success, the leader sees their cup as half full. While the leader’s situation might not be more favourable than the victim’s, they look out the box, searching for ways to make things better for themselves, their team and their company. The victim makes excuses, the leader looks for solutions.

So recently I’ve been on a 150 day challenge, the first leg of working towards a big fat and juicy 3 year desire that has me biting my nails, overwhelmed and quite frankly terrified about taking action. Not exactly sure what’s holding me back from my own success I find myself engrossed in a copy of Brian Tracy’s “No Excuses” book. The catalyst of my change and the basis of this new talk.

While I arrogantly always thought of myself as a glass half full person and would have told you in no uncertain terms that I am not one to make excuses, after reading this book I realise that I make more excuses than I’d like. I’m actually quite good at them , a natural. But my excuses affect me, my team, my business, the country and ultimately the world. It’ enough, I will not be part of the excuse generation, I will do my bit to rid the world of this epidemic.  Enough of my well disguised (read: legitimate) excuses, it’s time for me to get unstuck.

Next week I’ll take you through the 15 steps that helped me shift from denial to a take action, self-disciplined empowered individual in the making, oozing humanness but moving forward all the same. One tiny step at a time.