5 Tell-Tale Signs You Are Procrastinating


You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it … you’ve been procrastinating about doing something about your procrastination and quite frankly, you’d appreciate it if I didn’t keep reminding you about it.

Speaking from personal experience only, and on a disclaimer that I am actually fairly organised, self-motivated and no-excuse driven, here are my 5 tell-tale signs that I need a firm shove into doing what needs to be done:

  1. Butterflies flying out of formation in my tummy: There is just no running away from the niggle that is growing into a giant knot in my tummy. Even though I might be able to outwit all the other signs, this is the one that doesn’t let me hide.
  2. Constant jabbering in my head which I am firmly ignoring: My mom said this was the first sign of madness, and if it is, so be it. I talk to myself, in my head of course, and according to the Twitterverse, I’m not the only one. So I find my mental self ‘shouting’ out instructions to the physical me who is fairly good at ignoring all the commands. I’m mastering the art of affirmations and trigger words to ‘turn off the noise’ but for now it’s a matter of who shouts loudest.
  3. My list keeps on growing but the highlighted tasks are the ones of low importance: So I highlight off the tasks that I’ve completed and this works well for me … except when I’m procrastinating. As my list grows longer I start to feel overwhelmed which ultimately leads to the butterflies mentioned in point 1 above.
  4. I’m spending way too much time on Twitter, Facebook & the like: Oh this is an easy one to hide behind because I do actually have to check in on our social media interaction. But I’m talking about my personal profiles now and the way they manage to suck me in like riding the roller coaster at the fun fair … one go is never enough.
  5. I’m stuck; literally: This is when I begin to panic and we all know how counterproductive that can be. I’m not making the scary calls, my inbox is over my ‘don’t dare go beyond this limit’ limit and I haven’t done the laundry so I’m almost out of undies (joke!). I don’t like this one at all so really don’t spend much time playing here. That said, it does happen from time to time so I have some heavy duty artillery in my tool box … just in case!

Curious, what are your signs, and what are you doing about them?

At Get Organised we enjoy playing to our strengths. Thank you Harri Marshall for proof reading